Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Review of Jardine Capri Lifetime Convertible Crib - Antique Walnut

Toys R Us

The Lifetime Crib is the heart of our Capri Collection. The antique walnut child-safe finish is gender neutral and marry well with every decor. The crib design is timeless and grows with your child answering your familys needs from babys birth to adulthood. This piece easily conv...

Not a Great Toddler Bed

melbels Logan, UT 1/31/2009
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Pros: Easily Assembled, Durable

Best Uses: Newborn, Infants, Preemies

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

I loved the bed when it was a crib. All but how tall the sides are. I had the hardest time reaching in to put my daughter to bed. The toddler part of the bed isn't very safe for toddlers. The bed does NOT come with a side rail to protect her from falling out. And the cheap metal bed rails don't work on any toddler bed. It has to be a mattress and box spring. The crib does come with a "guard rail" but its just there for the mattress to stay in. Really the toddler bed is called a DAY BED because they don't have the extra side rail that most toddler beds have. We might just have to convert it to the full size bed and use a rail. I do love the thickness and heavy duty part of the crib though.

I just made this review on Babies "R" Us. We have converted the bed into the toddler part and was hoping to order the side rail so Lizzy will stop falling out. I just found out though that it doesn't come with one!!! If you're looking to get a new crib that is a convertible crib, make sure it does come with the side rail and a guard rail.

That long piece right there is called the "Guard Rail". It's purpose is to hold the mattress in. "Guard" the mattress, but not Lizzy!!!

Here are the WARNINGS for this crib: The DAY BED is not intended for children under 15 months of age or over 50 lbs..... If guardrails are used as the mattress containment means, guardrail (s) provided must be used.

The only way the guard rail can be used is to hold the mattress in!

Sweet Lizzy and Isabelle sleeping. I can ONLY blog when they are asleep.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We're Back in Utah... where its cold....with plenty of snow.....

We decided to head back up through New Mexico and up through Vegas and St. George. It was a beautiful drive with excellent weather. There, we were able to visit and get some sleep at my Grandmas. She is such a blast to visit with! Showing me all her wonderful recipes and playing fun brain games on facebook. The girls did great on the way back and were so happy to finally be home in their own beds. Matt started school on Monday with some fun classes. Art and Military science and more Art. I am home playing with the girls and looking for a job. Lizzy is chatting up a storm now even though we can't understand half of it. She can say snow "no" and snowman "noman". She has been singing "Once there Was a Snowman" in nursery. So every now and then we hear her singing "noman, noman". Isabelle still does not have any teeth but is rolling all over the place. She loves her sister Lizzy and giggles at her.

Grandma Jenny helping Isabelle learn to sit. She was determined to teach her.

Matt's dad caught Lizzy candy! It was ok though because its Christmas!!

Little Lizzy's new cabbage patch.

New jammies made my Grandma Carol.

Who you lookin at????