Thursday, July 31, 2008

BIG toes, Little toes, and tiny toes

What comes with having little girls? Painted toes!!!

I was painting my toes one evening and decided it would be so much fun to paint the girls also. Isabelle was fast asleep in her swing so I stopped it and painted her toes. I then did Elizabeth's the next day while she was eating in her high chair. This way they couldn't touch or mess their toes up! Isabelle's nails have stayed the same for almost 3 weeks now! For the record, this picture was very hard to take. I was holding both the girls while Matt was trying to keep Lizzy's foot there and then Isabelle kept wanting to curl her little toes, and all at the same time taking the precious picture. This was the only shot we were able to take.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pioneer Day Parade

The girls and I waited along the sidewalk for daddy to come marching down the street.

Sweet kisses from Elizabeth to daddy!

The National Guard got the chance to be at the front of the parade.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trying out the blog!

We are doing fantastic up here in Logan, UT. Matt is finishing school at USU with an accounting degree and I am SLOWLY working on a Biology degree. We just had another baby girl named Isabelle Violet. She was born on May 19th and weighed 6lbs 7oz. It is so fun being a mom of two adorable girls, and I cant wait till we get to play with dolls, barbies and dress up!

August will be a very busy month for us. Matt leaves to go to Korea for 2 weeks as part of his training in the National Guard. It will be a real test to see if I can take care of two children by myself. Once Matt is home I get to pick up my sister Emily in Salt Lake and help her get settled in at BYU. The following weekend Matt's parents will be visiting an ENTIRE week!!!!! In my little apartment! Can't Wait! I'm sure the level of stress for that week will be maxed out. But that will complete August.

I still have to figure this thing out! Hope you enjoy hearing from us!