Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back from Texas!

The girls and I made it all in ONE piece to Texas!! Yeah!! I ended up forgetting my camera half the time we did anything or had my hands full so didn't take pics! This is what I got...!!!

My Mother-In-law Jenny, took the girls and I to a near by kiddie pool and had loads of fun! Lizzy didn't really know what to do but Bells went right on in!

This is the new POTTY!!! It sings when you do your deed in it! How fancy in that! First time I saw this in wal-mart I couldn't stop laughing! What ever works right! We shall see with Lizzy. Nothing yet. But we let her test it out often!

Lizzy passed out on the couch one afternoon. Funny how they fall asleep sometimes!

This is my SIS-DER Ashley! She helped out a ton on the way back home! She just started her week at EFY on Monday so we wont really see her until she gets back from that. Thanks for all your help Ash!


Emily said...

Melanie, did you drive by yourself to Texas with two kids?

You are wonder woman if you did.

Melanie said...

Ya I did..and it wasn't too bad because they were watching movies the whole time! What a life savor that was.

Sarah said...

awww, your little girls are so cute and sweet! Good luck on the potty training. we are thinking about starting with Austin. I've heard that girls are generally a lot easier than boys!

Vince said...

It will be awesome if you did it..

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