Friday, August 29, 2008


Matt is finally back from Korea! The girls and I picked him up this last Saturday at the airport. His flight left Korea around 3 pm to Los Angeles and then boarded another plane to Salt Lake at 1 pm. So about a 12 hour difference with the time change to Utah. He still has major jet lag! He cant sleep at night and wants to sleep all day, but is still managing his classes and homework well. While it was humid and hot the whole time Matt said he still enjoyed most of Korea and the people there. Here is a pic of Lizzy in an adorable outfit Matt picked up while he was there.

The top is a little big so we didn't even try to put the bottoms on. Lizzy looks so cute in it though. Sometimes she doesnt look part Korean but she has 1/4 of it in her.

Korean food on the flight there

Matt met some friends and went to a Karaoke Bar. I think they kinda look the same. Matt just wasnt wearing his glasses.

Of course there's always a McDonnalds and Burger King. Good American food.

Matt told me Koreans love Americans that can't speak their language, but they hate those that are half Korean and cant speak it at all. They still got to know Matt well enough to have fun. He plans to go to Korea every year for 2 weeks for his National Guard training. While he was there they had asked him to stay for a whole YEAR!!! But knowing how I would feel about that, he decided coming home and finishing school would be best. We are glad to have daddy home.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adventures at Willard Bay

On one of our many trips to Ogden or Salt Lake I saw some picnic tables by what I thought was the Great Salt Lake. I told Matt that we had to check it out some day. That weekend we packed the girls and lots of snacks and headed to check it out. We then saw an exit sign for Willard Bay. hmmm I guess after all it wasn't the Great Salt Lake. We found our way to the entrance where we had to pay 10 bucks to get in. I know Bear Lake is FREE, but this had picnic tables and a potty. So we were willing to pay. Lizzy had loads of fun in the water and sand, and Bells enjoyed sleeping the entire time! Silly girl. We will definitely be coming here again since I'm not too fond of the curvy mountain roads to Bear Lake.

Matt Snackin' on a flamin' hot cheeto!!

We met some nice people that shared a picnic spot with us. Lizzy was having a fit about something and this sweet lady asked if she could have a lolly pop. She has never had one and therefore had NO idea what to do with it. After Matt and I tried to show her that you can lick it, she went to town on it and became sticky everywhere. We then dunked her in the water and cleaned her off.