Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daddy in The Helicopter

Every Thursday Matt has an ROTC lab to attend as a class. They usually go to the nearest canyon and do land navigation, but today a pair of helicopters came to USU and they got to take some fun rides!! Some fun neighbors of mine decided they wanted to check these things out too. So we made a FUN trek up a gigantic hill while pushing our babies and feeling our legs burn! I had NO idea what to expect with the helicopters. I totally didn't know about the WIND, and the NOISE, that those things make!! There I was trying to take a picture, hold Bells ears, and stop the stroller from spinning and flying away!! Everyone was looking at us like we were totally crazy bringing our kids up here. It was all worth it though. I love seeing my soldier work hard and I will take any chance I can to support him, and embarrass him.

We love you Daddy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lizzy Looks Like....

This cute picture of Lizzy was taken May 2008. Every time I look at it she reminds me of the girl in Napoleon Dynamite, Tina Majorino. So I looked up some pictures of her. Tell me what you think! Am I just crazy!?

They both have that side pointy tail going on!

Birthday Pictures

We were excited to have Alvord Photography take our pics again! Lizzy had some fun shots and looked great with the pink background. Thanks so much Randa!

Isabelle woke up from her nap during the photo shoot and we were able to get some cute shots of her as well. Hopefully we can get Randa to take B Bells 1 year pics too!

The "binki" that Elizabeth CAN'T live without!

This is my favorite pose of Lizzy. She looks all grown up though. We love you so much Lizzy and B Bell and are blessed to have you in our lives!

Park Fun

This last weekend turned out to be somewhat nice. So we took the girls to the park. Isabelle is now 10 months and in this pic Lizzy was 14 months. Lizzy used to be scared to death of the swings and in this pic she loved having the wind in her face!

So does B Bell!

We will have many more adventures at the park when it warms up!